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Just In : SPDC Operations shutdown by Bayelsa community.

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Bayelsa Community Shutdown SPDC Operations In Diebu Creek Flow Station.

The leadership of Peremabiri community ably led by the CDC Chairman, Mr Forster Ibaraghemi has shut down the activities of the SPDC at the Diebu creek flow station in its community due to the lackadaisical attitude of the company in keeping to agreements with the host community.

The leadership of Peremabiri community have on several occasions written to the company on the rising erosion situation affecting the community as a result of the company’s age long operations in the community and have written to all appropriate quarters including the commissioner of police in Bayelsa State about the situation all to no avail, so the leadership of the community after an emergency meeting with critical stakeholders of the community because of the corrosiveness of the erosion that is now a threat to the community and it’s people unanimously decided to put a stop to all activities of the SPDC at the Diebu creek flow station pending when the company will officially come to a round table with the leadership of the host community and work out modalities on how the erosion situation affecting the community can be managed.

The activities of SPDC over the years has impacted negatively on the lives of the people of Peremabiri as the people who are predominantly farmers and fishermen have been living with the great effects of low harvest due to the activities of SPDC but the people have been living with some of this harsh conditions which are resultant effects of oil exploration and gas flaring but the rising erosion situation is something we cannot continue to live with as we have no other community apart from this one to call our own should erosion take over our lands posited Mr Forster Ibaraghemi the CDC Chairman of Peremabiri community.

The people have vowed that the operations of SPDC will remain shut until the company comes to the aid and yearnings of the people of the host community which has been on the losing side all these years due to the hazardous effects of the company’s operations.
Up till this very moment, women, men, youths and children are busy protesting the neglect and nonchalant attitude from the SPDC to the people of Peremabiri saying enough is enough.

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Source : – choice TV online

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