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[Coronavirus] Dead Coronavirus Victims In Italy Carried By Military Trucks

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Coffins of coronavirus victims were transported on a fleet of army trucks last night after a cemetery in northern Italy was overwhelmed by the death toll. 

An army spokesman confirmed today that 15 trucks and 50 soldiers, some of which are pictured, had been deployed to move bodies from Bergamo to neighbouring provinces.

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The column of army trucks brought the dead out of Bergamo on Wednesday night in what Italians have called ‘one of the saddest photos in the history of our country’. 

The cemetery in Bergamo can no longer cope with the mounting death toll in the city, where more than 4,300 people have been infected and at least 93 have died. 

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Mortuaries are full and crematorium staff have been handling 24 bodies a day, including the regular drumbeat of non-virus deaths, meaning the bodies of virus victims have had to be dispatched to neighbouring provinces.

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